2017 Outstanding Volunteers

On Friday, September 29th, we held a Thank You party for the 2017 Irish Fair volunteers at the Celtic Junction Arts Center. We gave out our annual volunteer awards to the following outstanding volunteers:

Volunteer of the Year: Matt Jamma has been volunteering for the Fair since 2003, managing the merchandise booth, treasury, and the marketplace. He has been invaluable in each area he manages, allowing the board and staff time to focus on other important pieces of the event knowing that his piece was in trustworthy hands. Matt also volunteers his time at other events throughout the year: you may have met Matt taking your tickets at last year's Halfway to Irish Fair party at Kieran's!

Cú Chulainn: Weekend Warrior: Cash Ops teammates: Jack McDonough, Jolie Brave and Terri Warner- These 3 exceptional volunteers are long overdue for recognition.

Jack is a longtime volunteer that works tirelessly throughout the event weekend, brings in volunteers to help in his area, donates the use of expensive and sensitive equipment for our use and stays on the island as long as is necessary to finish the job! Jolie Brave and Terri Warner manage the ticket booths: interacting with volunteers and patrons from morning till night all 3 days of the Fair. They are incredibly hard-working, yet seem always able to keep their positive attitudes through those long hot days!

Rookie of the Year: John Caldwell came to help get the fair set up before opening, and ended up staying through the weekend - lending a hand wherever he was asked. We thank him for all his hard work.

Special Recognition: Jane Gillespie and Dennis Stanton. Jane was the force behind getting the Celtic Kitchen up and on it's feet this year! Dennis has been running our Irish Fair raffle fundraiser for years as well as anything else we ask of him. Jane and Dennis both do so much for Irish Fair, we can't list it all here! A special thank you them both for all their hard work over the years.

Thank you also to all the Area Managers, who work throughout the year to plan the areas of the fair they manage: recruiting volunteers, attending planning meetings, and lending a hand at other events and fundraisers for the Irish Fair of Minnesota. This is your fair, and we thank you for making it so much fun for all of us!