2018 Outstanding Volunteers

On Friday, September 28th, we held a Thank You party for the 2018 Irish Fair volunteers at the Celtic Junction Arts Center. We gave out our annual volunteer awards to the following outstanding volunteers:

Volunteer of the Year: Terri Kelly
Terri Kelly was the clear choice for this award this year. She was nominated by 3 people, all of whom had glowing things to say about her! Terri tried to retire from leadership of the Hospitality tent after 2017, but when we needed her again this year, she stepped up without hesitation and put together an absolutely wonderful venue. She did not have to do this, but due to her passion and commitment the Hospitality tent had plenty of high quality volunteers, great service and the menu was superb. It was one of the best years ever! We honor Terri's service to the Irish Fair with this award.

Cú Chulainn: Weekend Warrior: Paul McCluskey
Paul McCluskey consistently goes above and beyond every single year. He is at Harriet Island setting up, recruiting volunteers to help during set up and tear down, getting those volunteers help and direction, putting blood sweat and tears into each detail. He is there all hours of the weekend and on Monday is one of the last to leave. This award is a long over due recognition of all his hard work. Many thanks to the wonderful Paul McCluskey.

Rookie of the Year: Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas our new star raffle ticket seller. The Irish Fair raffle is a very important fundraiser for the Fair. With our longtime raffle manager having to leave us to handle his family business, we were all concerned the raffle would suffer. Well thanks to Rob, who is really engaging and funny, the raffle was a big success! This guy is really a star and we thank him for being such a great ambassador for the Fair!