Best Legs in a Kilt Contest

Rules of Entry

Each contestant must complete his registration form by 2pm Saturday to receive entry into the contest. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED.
Contest starts at 4pm | Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Best Legs in a Kilt Contest is open to men of all ages.

Each contestant must be male and wearing a tartan style or contemporary style kilt. Sporran, kilt hose, Flashes, ghillie brouges, boots, etc. are optional attire and not required to be a contestant.

The categories will be: -Best Legs in a Kilt Grand Champion, -Best Distinguished Gentlemen Legs in a Kilt, -Best Legs in a Kilt, Youth Division -Best Chicken Legs in a Kilt, -Best Tattooed Legs in a Kilt, -Best Crowd Pleaser and –Mr. Congeniality. Other Categories may be added at the discretion of the contest organizers. Categories will close when entry slots are full. Register early.

NO portion of the contestant's attire or behavior may contain explicit or offensive material or actions. Undergarments must be worn under kilt. No contestant may be carrying any dangerous weapons as part of their attire.

Voting and final decisions are made by a panel of celebrity judges. The votes will be tallied and the contestants with the highest number of votes in each category may be summoned to appear on stage for the final voting. The contestant that receives the highest votes overall shall be proclaimed the winner of the competition. All decisions are final.

By entering the Best Legs in a Kilt Contest, you are giving permission for the use of any/all photos Irish Fair of Minnesota may take for publicity purposes.