Cultural Area

Tea Room | Located inside the Pavilion

Known as the Irish Fair’s “quiet spot,” the Cultural Area’s Triscéil Tea Room allows visitors to relax and rejuvenate. Take a break in the shade, while sipping on hot or cold Irish tea and dining on delicious scones and pastries. The tranquil hideaway also acts as a music venue for those who think tea is best served with a side of sweet Irish melodies.

Cultural Display | Located inside the Pavilion

The Cultural Display is filled with permanent exhibits that reflect on important elements of Irish history and culture. An interactive exhibit celebrating the long and impressive history of Irish music in the Twin Cities will also be included in this year’s Cultural Display.

Workshop Tent | Located in Tent Near Pavilion

The Irish Music and Dance Association (IMDA) Music Workshop Tent is the perfect place to take in some beautiful music. The tent features 45-minute performances and educational sessions from Irish musicians. In the past, the IMDA has sponsored enlightening and engaging workshops on interesting instruments. Past sessions have highlighted the hammered dulcimer, Irish guitar, Irish harp, button accordion, Irish fiddle and other traditional Gaelic instruments.

Speakers' Tent | Located in Tent Near Pavilion

Once you’ve filled your stomach in the Pub Tent, come feed your mind in the Speakers' Tent. Named in honor of Eoin McKiernan, the founder of the Irish American Cultural Institute, the Speakers' Tent caters to curious visitors who wish to learn more about Irish culture and heritage.
Throughout the fair, 45-minute sessions are presented on Irish history, culture, arts and sports.