Curtin Conway Award

The Curtin Conway Award

The Curtin Conway Award is presented annually by the Irish Fair of Minnesota for outstanding service to the Irish cultural community in Minnesota. It is named after Leah Curtin and Roger Conway, founders of the festival.

Past Recipients:

2003: Martin McHugh

2004: Eoin McKiernan

2005: Molly & Dermot O’Mara

2006: Denis Clarke & Frank Joyce

2007: Ed McCormick 

2008: Anna Mae Hogan

2009: Bill Gleason

2010: Eileen Dahill

2011: James Rogers

2012: Mike Whalen

2013: Mike Wallace

2014: Beth Mullinax

2015: Mike & Jan Casey

2016: Mike Lynch

2017: Karol Baumeister

2018: Kate and Jode Dowling

2019: Sean Clerkin

2021: Jim Brooks

2022: Paul McCluskey