Donate to the Irish Fair of Minnesota

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  • Deepen Minnesota’s Irish community’s sense of identity and connection
  • Promote Irish heritage in a more extended and profound way than we can at the Fair
  • Aid new cultural communities in their pursuit to share, strengthen, and advance their heritage
  • Have a significant impact on the community by raising $100,000 over 10 years (2006-2016)

Words of Thanks from Past Recipients

“The Irish Fair’s support – financial, promotional, and organizational – has been an integral piece of the Center’s early success. Their grant funds will allow more kids in Minnesota to learn traditional Irish music on hard-to-find traditional instruments… we are securing the next generation of musicians in the Twin Cities. They will share their passion for Irish music and culture in our community for years to come.”
Kate Dowling, Director of The Center for Irish Music

“The Irish Fair of Minnesota has picked up where the National Endowment for the Arts left off. My second tune collection – a companion to the one supported by the NEA, will preserve hundreds of Irish tunes that for centuries have been passed down musician to musician but have never been recorded or readily available for folks around the world to hear and learn.”
Paddy O’Brien, All-Ireland Accordion Champion

Impact of Support

Funds raised will create a touchstone for the community – a means for Irish folks to share their culture, to remain connected to their heritage, and for children to learn the history and traditions of their ancestors. In time, it will contribute to the definition of what it means to be Irish in Minnesota and really raise the prominence of the Twin Cities to be “all things Irish”. Finally, it will help the organization be true to its mission of promoting and cultivating Irish culture and preserving a rich heritage of traditions for future generations.