We're the Lucky Ones

Take two brothers, Daniel (Accordion) and Martin Gillespie (pipes, whistles and accordion), steeped in the Scottish west coast ceilidh tradition on the Isle of Tiree, and add in friends Fraser West (drums) and Alec Dalglish (guitar and vocals), with a background in brass bands, wind bands, jazz bands, and with blues, folk and country influences, and you have embryonic Skerryvore.

Fast forward 10 years, add Craig Espie (fiddle) and Jodie Bremaneson (bass), bring in your album producer Alan Scobie on Keyboards and mix in the Glasgow music scene – fand you have a band that has already won Scottish Traditional music’s ‘Live Act of the Year’ multiple times, selling out gigs worldwide.

We are excited to welcome Skerryvore to the main stage of the Irish Fair of Minnesota Aug 7-9, 2020. Skerryvore are a multi-award winning Celtic band creating a ‘trad-rock’ fusion that has seen them perform in over 25 countries worldwide. Twice awarded 'Live Act of the Year' at the Trad Music Awards, take a listen and you will agree that this is a band you want to see and hear!